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Welcome to the portfolio for Fiona Hadfield. I am a Freelance Illustrator/Character Designer and Freelance Photographer working under the name 'FR Photography'


Here is some background information about me:


I am a 22 year old Female, based in Cheshire, UK. 

I graduated 2011from the University of Sunderland, with a 2:1 in BAhons Animation and Design. I mainly focused on Children's Animation and Character Designs. I love to work with bright colours and Magic in my Animation work.

During the final Year of University, I became very interested in Photography. I bought my Camera, the Nikon D3000, on May 27th 2011. I have the standard AF-S 18-55 Kit lens, Nikon 55-200mm lens, a macro filter and a 4x Filter. I am obsessed with Macro photography and portrait photography.

I still do some work in Illustration and Character Design, mainly for myself or Blogs. This is work I hope to carry on doing while I learn more about Photography

In July, I did an introduction to Manual mode course at Manchester Academy of Photography. This has helped me learn a lot that I wish to put into use on my photos from here on out. 

I am always looking with new people to work with, be it models (for personal, portfolio or blog etc) or anyone interested in taking me under their wing. I recently had the plesure of working with a wedding photographer who has taught me alot. 



This portfolio contains:  

-Character Design
-Images and Illustrations

If you have any questions or would like to request work or services, feel free to  Email Me




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